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to study
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(third-person singular simple present studies, present participle studying,
simple past studied, past participle studied)
To acquire knowledge on a subject through concentration on prepared learning materials..
Two photograph and three drawings
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Kees de Graaff. 1874-1965. Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel
Tekening: Piet de Graaff. 1941
Image is not available
Opapa Keees
Tekening: Piet de Graaff. 1941
Studie zelfportret
Image is not available
Studie zelfportret. 1944
(Tekening: Piet de Graaff. (1918 - 2000)
Studie zelfportret - copy
Image is not available
Pappa Piet Picasso
Index-persona - copy
3 drawings, 2 photographs
14 photographs
Masks and selfportraits
19 photographs
13 photographs
10 photographs
1 photograph, 1 negative
21 photographs
5 photographs
1 photograph
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1 video. 3.45 min
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